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Welcome to SHAPE

SHAPE is the Survey for Health, Attendance Productivity and Engagement. It’s the brainchild, of CEO Dr John Lang; a pioneer in corporate wellness, and COO Ali Khan; a healthcare executive and entrepreneur. SHAPE is the product of over three relentless years of research and development on the drivers of company performance and productivity, through people.

By 2016, John and Ali had worked together with a number of global clients and had realised the need to bring together the many disparate aspects of employee performance programs. Some measured engagement or health while others covered culture and management. But none covered them all, or in sufficient depth.

Taking a structured, unified and data-led approach to understanding businesses through their people, SHAPE focused on science first. Building an accurate picture of current employee performance was critical. This would provide the basis of the topics, breadth and depth to cover before progressing to engage employees, managers and executives with a compelling case to facilitate transition into star performers.

While building the product, they began to craft a team, that lives in a culture others would aspire to. SHAPE started to come to life, not just as a survey, but rather as an agent of change. Starting with just 4 employees, the SHAPE team has now grown to over 20 professionals across the world. Recording high levels of productivity and job satisfaction, the SHAPE team practices what it preaches.

What began as a mission in 2017, a scientific research project, determined “to make every company in the world a better place to work” is now helping companies to do just that. SHAPE is a game-changer in the industry, replacing 8 independent surveys with one survey platform that provides hundreds of insights and reports for employees, managers, and executives.

What is SHAPE Wiki?

SHAPE thrives and succeeds because everyone involved is knowledgeable and able to play their part. This served as the vision behind the development of SHAPE Wiki; a platform that would allow us to transfer knowledge, within and outside SHAPE. The SHAPE Wiki is a knowledge resource that supports you in searching and finding the answers to your questions as you understand and implement SHAPE. You'll find information here on a number of topics including the background to SHAPE, what the product is, how it is delivered, how we work, and details on how to utilise SHAPE. Please log in to the wiki using the account details provided to you. Let's begin SHAPEing up!

How to get started?

Distributors can begin by using the navigation bar on the left side of the page. By clicking on your relevant tabs, you will be redirected to an indexed list of all the resources we've created for your assistance. Alternatively, you can search for information by typing in your keywords in the search bar. If you can't find information on a key topic, you just need to get in touch with your SHAPE representative or email us at and we'll oblige.

SHAPE Employees can begin by clicking on the Employees tab to access our internal database.

Tiered access to knowledge

SHAPE Wiki is a platform that is actively used within SHAPE for internal collaboration and documentation. On account of this, distributors and clients might encounter search results that are strictly accessible only by SHAPE employees owing to their sensitive nature.

If you require material that is inaccessible for the reason stated above, please contact your SHAPE representative with your reason and we'll try our best to accommodate you.


In case of any queries, please reach out to us at

“The logo is a personalised statement of how you’re doing today and an aspiration of where you’re going next” – Ali Khan, COO

SHAPE is all about data. In an industry that reports data in the complex Coxcomb chart format, we wanted our reporting to be simpler. We needed to craft a visualisation that informed at a glance, yet had the depth to the display.

Aligning with the values of our brand; simplicity and empowerment, our ideation evolved to twelve spokes that represent each of the 12 Explorers used within the survey. Using a combination of colour for categorisation and lengths of spokes depicting scoring, the SHAPE logo transforms into a personal thumbprint representing individual, team and company scores. This allows for meaningful, high definition data that can read effectively throughout SHAPE.